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4PCS Clear Crystal Quartz


4PCS Clear Crystal Quartz Point,Green Aventurine Quartz,Amethyst Quartz Tower,Rose Crystal Quartz Tower,Crystal Tower Point,Charka,Reiki
Height: 30 mm/ 50 mm/ 70 mm/ 100 mm/

All tumbled stone may have small pits, make sure you can accept it before place an order.

AAA+ Quality Natural peridot Rough


Natural peridot Rough, Top Quality peridot crystal, raw peridot, peridot Loose crystal, Green peridot Lots Gemstone,

Crystal Healing



555.00 499.00 10% Off

Natural Clear Strawberry Crystal


Natural Clear Strawberry Crystal Tower,Strawberry Quartz Point,Healing Crystal Tower, Strawberry Crystal Tower,Gemstone Wand Obelisk Crystal

Height: 30 mm/40 mm/50 mm/60 mm

Raw Rose Quartz Crystal


You will receive a similar Raw Rose Quartz cluster. These amazing crystal are natural raw Rose Quartz and they come in various sizes. You will receive a crystal like the one shown. These crystals are a very soothing pink. It also has good sparkle and a really soothing energy. Great for use in ritual, power grids and energy work. They are perfect to hold.

According to lore Rose Quartz is the stone of pure love. It is said to heal one’s heart of wounds. It is a stone of the heart, a crystal of Unconditional Love. It carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort

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